Do I have to provide an inventory list for the items I want covered?

No. Pro-TEC provides blanket coverage for unscheduled tools and equipment.

What do I need to do to verify I owned the tools and equipment if I have a claim?

Pro-TEC would like you to do your best to keep an on-hand inventory of all the tools and equipment you have obtained or acquired over the years. Any records, including receipts, pictures, video or a diskette would prove very beneficial in matters dealing with your claims settlement in the event of a covered loss.

Where is coverage available?

Pro-TEC provides coverage for the entire USA.

Do you have a brochure that I can view on the program?

Yes. You can review the Pro-TEC brochure online.

Does a loss have to occur at my place of employment?

No. Pro-TEC covers losses in transit and off the premises where you work as well. That is why it is called a Tool & Equipment “FLOATER”.

Does the policy provide replacement cost coverage?

Yes. The Pro-TEC policy contains a replacement cost provision for tools and equipment that are newer than 10 years old. Otherwise, claims will be settled on an Actual Cash Value basis.

Does the policy provide coverage for mechanical breakdown or wear and tear?

No. The Pro-TEC policy excludes coverage for those types of losses, which are usually covered under a warranty agreement.

Does the policy cover mysterious disappearance?

No. There needs to be some evidence of theft in the form of a break-in where the police are involved.

What does the Catastrophe Limit mean?

This is the maximum that will be paid for a claim including any sub-limits listed for special items.

Is this policy only for auto mechanics?

No. Although it is designed specifically for automobile technicians, there are several other occupations that qualify.

Pro-TEC Occupations/Industries:
Auto Mechanics, Truck/Diesel Mechanics, HVAC Technicians, Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Boat Mechanics**, Aircraft Mechanics, Small Engine Mechanics, Electrical Mechanics, Motorcycle Mechanics & Fire Engine Mechanics

Unfortunately, our product is not available for those in the Electrical, Landscaping, or Construction industries.

Can I get higher or lower limits than the $100,000 that the program offers?

Yes, Pro-TEC can tailor coverage to the limits you need, based upon approval from the program administrator.

How do I pay for the policy?

You can complete the easy application online and pay the annual premium via PayPal.

When will coverage become effective and when will I get my policy?

It will become effective the date we receive your application and notification from PayPal. Your policy will be issued and emailed to you within 5 business days.

What insurance company underwrites the policy?

Great American Insurance Company, which is rated as “Excellent” by AMBest.

**tools and equipment are not covered while waterborne

Your tools are your life.
Protect them with Pro-TEC.