“The shop where I work was broken into and my tools were stolen. Luckily, I had purchased insurance through Pro-TEC. They went right to work on my claim, and within a few short weeks, I got the full replacement value for my tools. Thank you to Pro-TEC and to the Great American Insurance Company for a hassle-free and prompt resolution.”

– John from Fort Worth, Texas

Justin Chassman, a Goodyear Auto Technician from Akron, Ohio, recently purchased coverage from Pro-TEC for his $100,000 investment in tools and equipment for $500 per year.

When Asked Why He Purchased Pro-TEC:

“There was a break-in in the Goodyear Lima, Ohio Service Repair Facility and employees’ tools and equipment were stolen-There was NO coverage supplied by Goodyear to protect their auto technicians.”

Don’t allow for the same misfortune to happen to you. Protect your tools and your livelihood with Pro-TEC’s Tool & Equipment Insurance Coverage.

My claim with Pro-TEC/GAIC was handled very quickly and professionally. All of the hassles typically associated with stolen property is painful enough, but my claim processing was NOT that at all. I was very impressed with the quality of service I received from your company. I have since encouraged my colleagues to consider Pro-TEC for insuring their tools as I have found your services to be a great tool for my tools! For those mechanics looking to protect their investment, Pro-TEC is definitely the way to go. Keeping a thorough inventory of your tools definitely makes the claims process go smoothly. Thank you, Jim.

– Best Regards, Ulises

Your tools are your life.
Protect them with Pro-TEC.