“Pro-Tec insurance are a great company and they take care of you when you need them most. Thank you Pro-Tec!”

– Huan from Fredericksburg, Virginia

“This is what I needed for peace of mind. I spent lots of money on tools and tool boxes. I could never replace them if there was some untold catastrophe. This has always lingered in the back of my mind. What if? Pro Tec changed that. Very easy to use and informational support. Thank you Pro Tec!”

– Michael from Binghamton, New York

“Very simple and easy to sign up, was done in minutes!!”

– Michael from Ypsilanti, Mississippi

“The shop where I work was broken into and my tools were stolen. Luckily, I had purchased insurance through Pro-TEC. They went right to work on my claim, and within a few short weeks, I got the full replacement value for my tools. Thank you to Pro-TEC and to the Great American Insurance Company for a hassle-free and prompt resolution.”

– John from Fort Worth, Texas

“Very simple to get coverage .”

– Derek from Nixa, Montanta

“I’m just getting the insurance today. I hope I never have to use it. If something was to happen at least I’m covered.”

– KVAC from Atlanta, Georgia

“Very quick and easy application.”

– Mario from Dallas, Texas

My claim with Pro-TEC/GAIC was handled very quickly and professionally. All of the hassles typically associated with stolen property is painful enough, but my claim processing was NOT that at all. I was very impressed with the quality of service I received from your company. I have since encouraged my colleagues to consider Pro-TEC for insuring their tools as I have found your services to be a great tool for my tools! For those mechanics looking to protect their investment, Pro-TEC is definitely the way to go. Keeping a thorough inventory of your tools definitely makes the claims process go smoothly. Thank you, Jim.

– Best Regards, Ulises

“Very simple application process. Thanks for making it easy to get my tool coverage!”

– Joe from Ypsilanti, Mississippi

“There was a break-in in the Goodyear Lima, Ohio Service Repair Facility and employees’ tools and equipment were stolen. There was NO coverage supplied by Goodyear to protect their auto technicians”

– Justin Chassman, a Goodyear Auto Technician from Akron, Ohio who purchased Pro-TEC.

Don’t allow for the same misfortune to happen to you. Protect your tools and your livelihood with Pro-TEC’s Tool & Equipment Insurance Coverage.

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